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Apparently, while I wasn’t paying attention, the audio book for Awaken Online: Catharsis slipped past 3,000 ratings on Audible!

In honor of the occasion, I’m throwing a giveaway for ten copies of the first two audio books.   Your chances of winning are pretty high all things considered, so you should check it out at this link.

Even if you’ve already purchased the audio books, please feel free to enter.  You can always give the redemption codes to a friend!

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  • James Goldsmith

    Darn a week later and it’s already closed 😱.
    Regardless though just want to say you’re one of my favorite authors of this genre. Your books really suck me in, and I see you like to read to, have you tried patch 17? Also an enjoyable read (well for me that is).

    • Travis Bagwell

      Sorry! I’m actually about to put AO1 on sale for free starting June 29 if it helps.

      I’ve read Patch 17. It was pretty good. I’m not sure it was my favorite in the genre, but I definitely enjoyed it.

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