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Hey guys.  I hope you all are having a great summer!  I’ve been hard at work writing but I thought I would take a little break to hold a sale.

Awaken Online: Catharsis is currently available for FREE from June 29 – July 3.

This is a great opportunity to pressure your friends and family into reading about the undead and the benefits of cultivating an evil empire.  Think of it sort of like a public service announcement!



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  • Ryno

    I love your series and i have bought both audio books, twice, for me and my wife. She is also in love with the series and we cant wait for the next one

  • Jane

    I just finished reading it and almost couldn’t put it down once I started. Highly enjoyed the experience! I never would have happened to find your story without it going for free for a few days so thank you for that.

  • kyle kovar

    Hey when’s book 3 coming out?

  • Lawrence Leone

    Any news on book 3?

    • Travis Bagwell

      Still a work in progress! I do have some news, though, and I’ll probably make a post in a week or two.

  • Caz Kivell

    I have read both books two times can’t wait to hear news about the 3 book. Come on a day is a week in game time so it has been 3 weeks since you posted and you said a week or two or 3 days in RL come on info please. And can I buy a An autographed copy of your two books I saw some on a giveaway and liked them so mutch i want a paper copy to save.

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