Update on AO: Evolution

I hope you all are doing well – and looking forward to some time off for the holidays! I just wanted to provide an update since it has been a little while. I’m over halfway through [...]

AO: Retribution is Live!

AO: Retribution is finally live! Just to be clear, this is a side novel taking place after AO2 that follows Riley.  All of the beta readers have been pretty ecstatic so hopefully you guys will [...]


AO: Catharsis on Sale!

There are only two more days until the release of Awaken Online: Retribution!  In honor of the occasion, I’ve put AO: Catharsis on sale for $.99 for the next week. This is a great chance to [...]


AO: Retribution Audio

Since so many people have messaged me privately, I just wanted to clarify that audio for AO: Retribution should release at roughly the same time as the ebook on October 31, 2017.   However, this [...]

AO: Retribution and Stuff

Hey all!  So it’s been a little while and I’ve got a bunch of news on a few different books/stories. First off, Awaken Online: Retribution has a tentative release date for October 31, [...]


AO2 on Sale!

And the sale train keeps chugging along.  Awaken Online: Precipice is on sale for the next week for $1.99 – in both the U.S. and the U.K.  Hope you all enjoy the books!


Dragon Con!

So I’m about to head to the airport to head to Dragon Con, but I thought I’d provide a quick update. Awaken Online: Retribution (side novel following Riley) is getting close to [...]


Just a Quick Update

Hey guys! I wanted to provide a brief update. I’ve finished a draft of a side story for AO – taking place after book two. I’m calling it Awaken Online: Retribution.  I had this [...]


Awaken Online – Free for a Limited Time!

Hey guys.  I hope you all are having a great summer!  I’ve been hard at work writing but I thought I would take a little break to hold a sale. Awaken Online: Catharsis is currently [...]


Audiobook Giveaway!

Apparently, while I wasn’t paying attention, the audio book for Awaken Online: Catharsis slipped past 3,000 ratings on Audible! In honor of the occasion, I’m throwing a giveaway for [...]

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