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I hope you all are doing well – and looking forward to some time off for the holidays! I just wanted to provide an update since it has been a little while.

I’m over halfway through the first draft of AO3 (~90K words) and I’m still making progress – albeit slower than I would like. Between the recent U.S. tax reform (which has clients beating down my door) and some personal health troubles, I haven’t been able to find as much time to write lately as I would like.

Hopefully, things will clear up a bit over the Christmas holiday and I’ll find some time to get some serious writing done. When I actually have time to focus, it usually moves pretty quickly (5K+ per day). I also have all of AO3 outlined already, it’s just a matter of sitting down and hammering out the words.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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  • Federico

    Dear Travis. Me and probably thousands more will be waiting for it. Thanks for these great books (audiobooks for me). I use them to (very effectively) distract me from the real world once in a while. Its therapeutic.

  • Aaron Hicks

    Woot! I’m looking forward to it, I’ve literally read the first 2 book four times already and the side quest twice! I love this series make it last forever!!!

  • Paul Grosse

    I’m very much looking forward to how the story develops!

  • Ray Cook

    I’m eagerly awaiting the third book in your series, I came across your work while looking for something different to my usual genres (I tend to mostly read fantasy and a little bit of space opera style sci-fi) and was not disappointed. I literally couldn’t put the first two books down, as a result I’ve made a point of recommending you pretty much all of my friends who read.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Nathan

    Woohoo! This is exactly what I came here looking for so thanks for the update. I’m in the middle of book 2 right now and already excited for book 3! I’ve got my Audible credit reserved and waiting for this one! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

  • Joe Nielsen

    Love the books, going through the Audible ones now. Just started work at Audible and your book was on the “What are you reading now?” dry erase wall. It’s been fun, looking forward to the next one in the series.

  • Wade Massie

    Take your time writing. Get better first and sharpen your stories to perfection. They are amazing! I am loving the characters and the setting. Log horizon is one of my favorite animes as well. I can definitely see its influence in your story but you are rocking you original take as well.

  • HC

    Well if i knew that people keeping more of their money would lead to me missing out on my AO fix i would have supported Hillary instead. JK, Hillary for prison 2018.
    All jokes aside, your books are amazing and I cant wait for more!

  • Justin S.

    Hey Travis I know I’m looking forward to AO3 and so is my dad. These are great and literary works had me fully involved and on the edge of my seats… every dang one I sat on to read!

    Keep up the great work can’t wait to dive in the next one I’m super stoked.

  • Kurt P.

    Hey Travis,

    Focus on your health and taking care of yourself first! You’re a great writer and I’ve really enjoyed all three of your books thus far! Get well and I’m eager to read AO3!

  • Trey

    Can’t wait for the next book. I love listening to these (TY audible)

  • SqN8r aka Don

    Keep up with your passion, I’m patiently waiting for AO3. I currently have 433 Audio Books, I’ve listened to about 80% of them. I only have 4 hours and 12 minutes left with Riley in Retribution. Then I’ll be dry with AO. I still have a few listens to placate myself, but I’m really focusing on getting my ‘ears’ into AO3 as I drive to work. Stay healthy, take this flu thing seriously, I know what I’m talking about, from personal experience with them. My audio book buddy is starting your AO series this week, as soon as he finishes his current book. Thank You.

  • Brayden

    Thank you for working through your pain, and i hope you can finish the book soon so you can take a break. I really enjoyed AO , AO2, and AO1.5, and i hope you do well

  • Ed

    I hope you are doing well! I know it’s tax season too. I’m really looking forward to AO3. I’m re-audibleing them now. This is some good stuff.

  • Mike

    Looking forward to it, I’ve enjoyed the other books a lot. It sucks being caught up on a series and having to wait lol. I discovered the first book right as the second was being released so there was no delay for me, now it feels like forever. 🙂 No worries though, these things take time.

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