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Hey all!  I know it’s been a while. Just wanted to give a quick update. Awaken Online: Precipice is now going through audiobook production and we are in the final sprint to the finish line.

I’m also planning to release some early chapters to my Patrons each week starting on March 1st.  I might have also commissioned some character art and the WIP is up on my Patreon page.  Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

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  • OldNCrusty

    Looking forward to the book 2 audiobook! Keep up the good work.

  • AWetMop

    So now that we’re nearing the release date for book 2, when is book 3 coming out?

    • Travis Bagwell

      Haha. That might be a little while. I’m buried in work at the moment and trying to get book two wrapped up and ready to publish.

  • Umms

    Just read book one about to get book two. Fantastic. I definitely identify with Jason (gamerwise at least) if AO was real I’d be Undead player helping that awesome madness spread.

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