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Sorry it has been a bit since I’ve posted. Real life and writing have been kicking my butt lately. However, I come bearing good news! AO: Dominion is fully content complete and we’re nearly done with editing! It’s currently clocking in at about 240K words, making it the biggest and most badass book yet.

In terms of a release date, I’m aiming for the end of February for the ebook unless something throws us off. Audio might trail by a bit since I got sick in January and it threw off my schedule. However, I’ve already got us scheduled with the narrator.

You can check out some early chapters on my Patreon — updated twice a week. We’re up through Chapter 20 already!

We also have some awesome groups you should check out. Our Original Sin Facebook group is growing stupid fast and we’ve even got a fancy new Discord server. These are some awesome people and I definitely reccomend you stop by. Oh, and we do regular giveaways, so this is also a cool chance to score some free stuff.

Anyway, happy reading!

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  • Nathan Tregillus

    freek’n awesome. just devoured the whole series this weekend. keep up the great work!!! already passed on the series to my nerdy book friends 🙂

  • david

    I check your site regularly in the hope of more books. Thank you and I look forward to the audio

  • Nick

    Excellent! I was just looking to see if anything new was coming soon.

  • Tom

    That’s about, what, 800 pages?
    I’m so beyond excited for this. This has quickly become one of my favorite book series of all time.

  • Ben

    Yay! Looking forward to it – thanks for the update.

  • Mike

    Hoping for Feb 15 release so I can download before heading out on a cruise with no Internet! Keep up the great story telling!

    • Travis Bagwell

      Err, not quite. February 28th. But it will be waiting for you when you get back!

  • Nm Boliek

    Yay!! I totally love this series….I hope it goes on Forever.

  • Alex

    Any idea on the timeline for the audiobook?

  • Clyde Williams

    Just looked at audible to find out if they had a release date yet, and it was not posted. Late April is now in inside the 30 day window, so any updates?

    • Travis Bagwell

      Still on track. The narrator will start on April 6th. Probably done by around the 20th and then a week or two for ACX to process it!

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