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First off, AO: Evolution is now available for pre-order on Audible.  The official release date is July 11th.

I had to delay the release of the audio a little bit since ACX wanted to run some sort of new promotion.  They’re hoping that this will give the series more visibility — which is definitely a good thing!  I tried to push up the release as much as possible, but this was the best I could do.  They also mentioned that pre-orders are super important, so it would be awesome if you all could drop an early credit and/or tell your friends!

In other news, we’re making great headway on editing AO: Apathy and July is looking like a real possibility for release.  It’s also looking like the final manuscript will clock in at 85K words.  So a normal-sized book by most people’s standards.  If you want to check out the first 8 chapters, they are available here (unedited).  I’m also releasing new chapters twice per week (Mondays and Fridays) on my Patreon until release.

That’s all for now!

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  • David Whelan

    You need a like button. Excellent news.

  • ohtochooseaname

    Well, at least they let you put it up for pre order now 🙂 Bought it with a credit since you mentioned a preference for pre order. Weird question though: I’ve been waiting lately for stuff to come up on whispersync, so I can kindle unlimited the book, then buy it for $7.50 cash instead of $9.50 per credit. Is there a difference in how much you get paid between those two methods (other than the obvious delay of about a month from Audible release)?

    • Travis Bagwell

      There is a difference. A whispersync purchase results in a much smaller royalty on my end. When you use a credit, I get a portion of the pool of subscription funds — sort of like when a book is in Kindle Unlimited. The flip side is that whispersync encourages people to buy the audio that probably wouldn’t have purchased it otherwise. A bunch of other authors hate it, but I can personally see the advantage.

      • ohtochooseaname

        It’s certainly true that I will get those whispersync books frequently when I wouldn’t otherwise simply because they’re 20% cheaper. It’s those books that are usually 5-6 hours long or that I’m iffy on whether I really want them or not. I suppose that since I’m in the cheaper end of credits, it makes less difference to me than it would for someone who has the monthly single credit and a credit effectively costs $15. I’ll definitely keep this in mind when buying books going forward. Thanks!

  • David Frerich

    Great news, thanks for your amazing work Travis.

    Sadly AO Evolution is not yet available (for preorder) in the german audible store (
    I hope the audio book will show up on release day. 🙂

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