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It turns out Amazon went a little crazy and put up Awaken Online: Evolution within 45 minutes of me hitting the “publish” button — which has to be some sort of record.  The good news is that you all get it a little early!  It clocked in at a whopping 768 pages in print, so it might even take you all a couple of hours to devour it!

We ran into some delays with audio for AO: Evolution, but it’s already in production and the audiobook should be out sometime in June.  I’ll make another post once I have a more firm date.  The print edition should hopefully be up sometime next week and I’ll add the option to purchase signed copies to my store pretty soon.

I hope you enjoy the next installment and please don’t forget to leave a review!  Those things are incredibly helpful for a little indie guy like myself.

In slightly other news, the draft of AO: Apathy is complete (a side novel following Eliza — who you all are about to meet!) and we’ve moved onto editing.  So it might be possible to get that one out in June or July.

Anyway, enough talking!  Happy reading!

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  • Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta

    Travis I really loved this series. Your characterizations and plots were complex and intriguing. I super enjoyed reading. Thank you!!

  • Alex

    Hi travis, I’ve just finished the other books for maybe the fourth time (seriously obsessed with them.) and it was just in time to get your email about the new one going live. I’ve tried to go through Amazon but it’s telling me that it’s not available. Is this a regional thing? I’m in the UK and I know the release dates don’t always work well across borders but I’d really like to get it now.

    Also I plan on getting the audio when that comes out too. But I’ll be in Germany when it releases. Is that going to stop me picking it up on release?

    I really hope I hear back from you, this wait is killing me!

    (Ps, Alexion is a great mmo name, I used a very similar one for years! Haha)

    • Travis Bagwell

      Hmm, it looks like it’s up on Amazon UK (at least for me). Not really sure what the issue is here.

      Some people have trouble buying abroad. It seems to be based on your IP and/or the registration on your Kindle. Germany has its own Amazon market, though, so it probably won’t be an issue.

      Anyhoo, hope you enjoy book three!

      • Alex

        Hi again Travis.
        The Amazon website still was not allowing me to download the book. But I was able to download it directly from the kindle store. Not sure what the reason is for this, but I thought I should leave this reply in case others have the same difficulty.

        And so far, this is an absolutely fantastic book. Thanks again!

  • Haku

    I love the books. I’m glad I came to the series late because I’m allergic to waiting. I’m hanging in there for the audiobook.

  • id even k

    Hey Travis. I am obsessed with this series and I have read the preview and I am slowly becoming desperate to get the book. I am going to get it soon. Hopefully.

    Anyway love yah work and I hope you are well.

  • Jacob

    Awesome Travis! I don’t read much, like this is the first series of books I have read in at least a year and a half, but anyways. You have managed to completely incapsulate me. I visualize every event in an anime-type style, and it just looks amazing (Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge). I just finished Evolution and it was awesome. Keep up the great work my man, I’ll be surprised if you don’t have a bigger following as this series progresses.

    • Travis Bagwell

      Glad you enjoy the books! I know the feeling. I can’t help but see the story as an anime.

      We’re actually gearing up to pitch it as a TV series as we speak. It’s a super long shot that will take forever, but still kind of cool!

      • Rickie

        Wow if this does become a TV series it would be awesome! Loving your work mate.!!

  • Lasse Mäkelä

    Damm this series is just good. It’s like reading / listening a dream.

  • Mike

    I just finished Retribution on the plane ride home tonight (CA to FL — pretty long!) and cracked the Kindle ‘cover’ on Evolution as we were landing. I’m loving the books – the right amount of detail and fun to read. I’m leaving for a cruise soon and am hoping to load my reader up with the new book if it’s available, too!

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