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Since so many people have messaged me privately, I just wanted to clarify that audio for AO: Retribution should release at roughly the same time as the ebook on October 31, 2017.   However, this isn’t an exact science since ACX has a variable processing time.  A delay is possible, but that’s out of my hands.  Funny story, the AO2 audiobook released before the ebook back in March – a product of my amazing timing!

Anyway,  I thought you all might also be interested to hear the first chapter of AO: Retribution.  Here’s a super helpful link.  As someone who has personally listened to most of the audiobook at this point, I feel like David killed it again – quite literally in some sections.

Finally, we only have about two more weeks until AO: Retribution releases and I’m in the home stretch getting things formatted and ready to hit publish.  I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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  • Philip Binder

    hi Travis – one question – well first I am a big fan but I guess we all are – anyway book two end of the scene with the fight against the GM – WHY ???? Once Jason knows that the GM can not attack him – why not just march out with all NPS’s in an orderly fashion ? Why do initiate this conflict ? What I do enjoy when reading good books like yours is that they follow a basic simple logic -and I just can’t figure out why Jason picks a fight – even if he wins what can he gain ? The smart move here was to do nothing and walk out …

    • Travis Bagwell

      Was Florius really going to let him out? Or would he just come up with a way to instigate a fight? I’d have to read back through the end of AO2 again, but I think this was Jason’s reasoning process.

  • Anon

    Thank you for the update!!

  • Exander

    I agree, nothing said the GM could not destroy the NPCs. Attacking players may be a no go but we have seen them destroy others without thought. Also remember that the first GM we met killed the girl about to be raped to save her as collateral damage and an O well.

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