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AO: Unity is now available for preorder! Full release on July 27th!

In other news, 🔥AO: Ember is next in the queue🔥. This book will follow the fire affinity character and will probably be a 2-3 book standalone series eventually.

The first few chapters are up on my Patreon (link below). The current draft is already sitting just shy of 60K words. So we’re moving along fast! Also, this new character is freaking awesome… That is all.

Finally, I sent out a TON of signed copies of Unity this last week. Most should have already arrived. If you missed the boat, you can order signed stuff at the link below – along with a bunch of other lootz.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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  • Alex

    Travis you monster! You can’t have two non main stories in a row! I need to hear Jason, Frank and Riley ripping the game to shreds as a full powered team! Especially post 3-person keeper trials!

    • Travis Bagwell

      I know, I know. I’ll just have to make this new guy even more awesome to compensate…

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