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AO: Unity is available for pre-order and will release on June 18th! Only a week left! The early access guys are all raving about it. Frank is… pretty freaking awesome!

Some handy links below:

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Germany –
Canada –
Australia –

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  • Jeremy Carrillo

    Just finished the audio book for Dominion. Came here to tell you it was a great addition to the series and that I can hardly wait for the next one. Your production pace is awesome given the quality of the writing. You truly have created a awesome world with ao. I love the game mechanics you come up with and often will find myself trying to figure out how I would implement them. Like utilizing genetic algorithm machine learning to make the summon skeleton interface a reality. Any how thanks for the great series you have me as a reader for life. Any word on the audiobook for unity?

  • Ryan

    I +1 the expected audiobook release question. I’m loving AO and can’t wait for the next in the series.

  • bilal

    I am just about caught up with Dominion and I will ask the question on the audio release. When will my ears be blessed by Unity? Please and thank you

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