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To commemorate the release of Awaken Online: Precipice, I’ve put the first book on sale for $.99.  If you’ve been bugging friends and family to try out the story (you probably haven’t, but here’s hoping), now might be the time to nag them some more.  The sale will last for a week!

I can’t wait to see what you guys have to say about Awaken Online: Precipice!

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  • Meta

    Really awesome book, i read a lot of this new litrpg genre books and yours by far is the best. Can’t wait for the third installment in your series. Hopefully you get good sales and keep up the excellent work.

  • AWetMop

    Damn. That ending for Precipice was killer!

    Haha, see what I did there?

  • Ethan Lousenberg

    I’ve re-read the first book twice to prepare for precipice. Was not disappointed and loved every second. Even when I was reading at 5am the day it came out.

  • Jared

    Awesome book, great follow on from book 1. Can’t wait for the next installment…Is it ready yet…How bout now?

    Thanks Travis for some great reading.

  • Mike

    Need book 3!! Both are amazing and keep you interested! That cliffhanger is evil for book 2!! Please tell me you’ve written at least an outline – finished book 3 and just need to edit or something?! (ripping out hair)

  • John L Simpson

    I powered through both your books in a matter of about a week for the first book, and 3 days for Precipice. We had to evacuate our home due to an asbestos scare. Your books got me out of my head and into the glorious world you’ve created.

    Im really looking forward to seeing how you will continue to develop your characters, Especially Frank. Jasons scheems are one of my favorite parts of this world.

    Cant wait to see whats coming in the next iteration. Please dont keep us all waiting too long.

  • Nicolas

    Thanks for the great time you offered me. You sure know how to finish a book 🙂 . Can’t wait to learn more about Alfred.

  • Ronn Branton

    You really left quite an story arc at the end of Precipice; does Jason cover up Arthur’s killing of the intruder by taking responsibility for it, realizing that Arthur’s fate is in his hands; do they form a real-in-both-worlds alliance? This raises the issue of just what is real and why, not to mention what does it mean to be a self-aware living thing.

    Your examination of what evil really is I find truly compelling. I read hints of notions found in the Kabbalah and husk (klippot); the numb hollowness that lies inside of Alex and this mysterious nature of just what is this feminine entity that resides within his mind. The chilling, subtle sickness that is within Alex really resonates with the politics of this day; of things Erdogan, Trump, Kim Jong-un. Jason is very much wiser than he realizes in reading Machiavelli, whose current adherents in North Korea and elsewhere demonstrate.

    I am quite taken with your ability to create characters that have more depth than is common in so much science fiction nowadays and I encourage you to explore this even more. I smiled when I read you are also a practicing lawyer, which depending upon your practice, should give you more insight into human nature than most fields.

    I only want to encourage you to continue with your writing and urge you not to be in too great a hurry since good writing, though it may want a pinch of desperation, does need time.

  • Sean

    I’m curious why the cheap audible addon is only available for book 2 and not one?

    • Travis Bagwell

      That’s not me! ACX for some reason can’t seem to put my first book up for Whispersync. They haven’t even explained why they can’t…

  • Chris

    Loved the first book, loved the second a little more. Keep up the amazing work. As I just finished the second audio book (about 3 minutes ago) I kind of want to punch you for the cliff-hanger 🙂

    Hoping the third book is well on its way!

  • Troy

    Definitely the best in the litrpg genre that i can find. Do you have future plans or are you satisfied now and putting full attention back to your day job?

    • Travis Bagwell

      Oh, I’ll definitely keep writing. There has just been a lot going on at work lately so it has been hard to focus.

  • Justin Jackson

    Listened to the audiobook for both. It’s been a while since I’ve just layed in bed and listened, and I was up way to late listening to these. Can’t wait for the next.

  • Doug

    Argument, this is why I almost hate will written, interesting, and engaging books… I get stuck waiting for the next release. So… is book 3 ready yet? I’m not sure I can hold my breath long enough like some of the undead characters waiting for the next instalment I the series.

  • Joy

    OH MY GOSH! I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN! You sure do love your cliff hangers *Glares*. I love the way you’re building this world and bringing in the other characters. I also like what you did with Alex, his character development, and his issues. The clear way your presenting ‘our choices defining us’.

    Will you also give us the stories for the other people that are chosen by the other deities? What’s going to happen with Alfred? Especially with that last cliff hanger there are so many things that are conveyed. You’ve only just released the second on and I’m ready for the third, and more depending on where you take it.

  • Patrick

    Want more. Need book 3. Will sell wife and children into slavery for more.
    No, really. I bought both books on Audible and I could not stop myself from listening.
    Though book 2 lacked a bit in the dark humor section, it just drew me in like the first one.
    Please continue!

  • Sam

    I never liked the LitRPG style before but I have a major soft spot for characters that are more clever than they are strong. Love the books so far. My only problem with your books right now is that I have to wait for the next one, it can’t come soon enough!

  • David

    You’re killing me. I was not ready for book 2 to end the way that it did, and now I have to wait to see where this goes. Not cool man, not cool

  • Kevin Rooney

    In the early 60’s I was growing up in an orphanage that was on a par with Lord Of the Flies. My only solace came in the steady stream of Marvel comics and Scifi of the day. I would escape into my own fantasies I churned up surrounding the characters of Marvel with me as some kind of Master controlling all the action. I understand your “embracing the Dark Side” better than Darth Vader. Now in my 60’s I’m a “normal” Postal Service clerk about to retire. I have thrilled to the the books you have written. I was the Jason in your books all the way to suffering under the bullying on a Alex and having a nerdy best friend who’s name really was was Frank.

    I have now completed reading (listening to) both books twice. I could see your story-line doing very well as a comic book series. Also, movies would be vary nice. Mostly though, do you have any idea what your timeline is on volume 3? Thanks for the excellent fantasy!!!!

    • Travis Bagwell

      A movie or a comic book would be cool! We’ll see how it goes, though. Those are tough things to produce.

      I’m working on book three, but I expect it will take a while. Real life has been kicking my butt lately.

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