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The long awaited day is finally here!  Awaken Online: Precipice is live (or undead I suppose)!

If the print and audio haven’t shown up yet, just know that they are on the way.  I’ve already approved them through ACX and Createspace, but they are slow moving companies.  Please also direct all your hate mail to those companies!

I hope you guys enjoy the book.  Remember to leave a review and/or shoot me an email and let me know what you think.  I’m only slightly nervous…

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  • Michael

    Bought immediately. Read it. Loved it. Loved it! Loved it!!

    One question.

    When’s the next one coming out and how soon can we expect to see chapters show up on patreon (if patreon people are getting to see it as it’s made)?!?!?!

    • Travis Bagwell

      Haha. Well, it’s probably going to be a little while. I might have something else coming in a few months. Depends on if my day job relents for a bit and I get some time to write. I’ll probably post some stuff to Patreon before release again.

  • Luke

    Hey Travis, I am an avid reader of all books but specifically yours because they are awesome. I just wanted to show my support for your work and tell you two things. First in the nicest way possible pleas hurry the hell up with the next book. And second SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS… shouldn’t Jason have gotten a ton of EXP after killing the game master. I mean if PKing gives EXP and level difference being what it was I feel like Jason should have gotten some “sweet lootz”(#Frank) and like 10 levels worth of EXP. Also if the GMs dont respawn then the probably OP loot sitting in that dungeon should still be there right

    • Travis Bagwell

      Thanks! Not sure about the experience. Jason’s group didn’t really kill him, did they? It felt like it might have been the roof of the cave. Also, not sure how loot would have been affected by the dungeon respawning…

  • Janessa Ravenwood

    I’ve started listening to Book 2 now. What’s the news on Book 3?

  • Kory C.

    *Possible Spoiler Warning*

    Really liked where book two is going, though I can’t help but think Jason is digging himself into a hole investing strictly in willpower points. He’s just going to keep going against higher level players, and soon the power difference is going to be so great Jason would get blown away by a high level area-of-effect-spell, no matter how . to hide. And while stacking willpower allows him to build up his personal undead army, he already has the might of the Twilight Throne’s military backing him up, who’s numbers are far in excess of what Jason could reach putting just points into willpower continuously.

    I will be curious to see how this issue is handled. My bet is on either some special attributes of the ‘Keeper’ class, or a special item. Probably geared towards either temporarily redistributing stat points or giving bonuses based on willpower (e.g. 30% of willpower is granted as bonus constitution points.) I have a strong feeling that with Jason fighting smarter enemies, he’s not always going to be able to pull the sneaky/surprise stuff he has been doing. He’ll have to fight at least a sudo-direct confrontation at some point.

    Edit: Sorry if you didn’t mean for this to be a discussion forum. Kinda still sad that Amazon took away the author forums. Not sure where I can write this sort of stuff now.

  • Jason Hitson

    Found your first book in the AO series and it was a page turner. I wasn’t initially sure this would be any different than much of the LitRPG books out there on Amazon but I was pleasantly surprised by the theme. I’m currently reading your second book and am thoroughly enjoying it as well.

  • Sherry Keller

    Just finished listening to both your books, and came looking for news of a third, as they have been wonderfully engaging. Best on the subject since ready player one and otherland. Found that you, too, are an Austinite–how awesome!

  • Ginger Parker

    Just finished the second book and holy schmoly what a cliff hanger! I eagerly await the third book in this series!! 🙌 Thanks for gifting us with this story- I am singing your praises to all my cos-play gamer friends.

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