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So I’m about to head to the airport to head to Dragon Con, but I thought I’d provide a quick update.

Awaken Online: Retribution (side novel following Riley) is getting close to finished in the editing phase (maybe a couple more weeks).  In the meantime, I’ve been working on ironing out the audio production.  I tried something a little different this time, and, hopefully, it pans out!  The first five chapters are up on my Patreon already.

Oh, and Awaken Online: Catharsis is on Sale through Monday for FREE.  So tell all of you friends to grab a copy – and maybe explain that this is sort of like the handbook for building an undead army and conquering a virtual world…  That usually works.

I hope to run into some of you guys at the con!

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  • Douglas A. Ally

    I sure hope that your audiobook changes do not include killing off David Stifel. Love David’s narration! Thanks

    • Travis Bagwell

      David’s here to stay on the main series. I’m considering a female narrator for this side novel though since it follows Riley. Even David admitted that it might be a little jarring.

  • James

    Love your work, cannot wait for more!

  • Tim

    Honeslty I dont think this is a smart choice.
    You made a huge cliffhanger, now to just leave it allone and go to some sidekick seems very much out of place for me and like you are out of ideas for the main character.
    I’d be very carefull with forcing side characters on the reader. I mean, a whole book, my god. 1-5 chapters would be enough to iron her out, by far.
    And I presume you also plan one for his other friend then? boy, I dont know about that.
    In the end you want a more grand universe I get that. But I’d like to see how the story progresses and I am kind of disappointed that I won’t see that for even longer now.

    Anyways, gl

    • Travis Bagwell

      I can appreciate that. I had started Riley’s book last October (5-6 months before releasing book two). This has been a side project for a while now and hasn’t impacted writing book three (which is well underway).

      In any event, the few beta readers who read the advance copy have been pretty excited!

  • Thomas Drieslein

    I just need more AO. Side story or not your books are among my favorite! I mainly listen to them on audible rather than reading them. I am a soldier in the US Army and all my battle buddies play D&D. They got me into D&D and I expressed that I would love a literary experience like a novel that is like D&D. They recommended the actual D&D novellas which weren’t bad, but it was not until a buddy told me of your books that I found what I was looking for! Thanks for being such an awesome author! (BTW, (IDK if you still play video games, I mean I imagine you are a busy guy and I can relate) you should check out divinity 2 original sin! It is an awesome RPG/Strategy game and you can main an undead character! I named mine Jason and…he is an awfully good villain! You should check it out! The undead character mechanics are cool too, you have to hide the fact that your undead from everyone in the game world or they might flee or attack on sight.)

    • Travis Bagwell

      Glad you enjoyed them. I’ve actually played a LOT of Divinity Original Sin 2 – already finished a complete playthrough. Such an awesome game :).

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