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Hope you guys all had a great holiday!

I’m in the middle of editing Awaken Online: Precipice.  I’ll admit, it’s starting to make my brain hurt a bit.  But we’re now 10% complete on our line/style editing pass and we’re on schedule to finish at the end of January.  Then we spend 1-2 weeks proofing to catch all the glaring mistakes we missed.  Honestly, I spend more time editing than writing.

In any event, we’re making good time and I might be able to lock in a hard release date soon.  I’m hoping to have AO2 up for preorder in the next week or two.  My goal is mid-to-late March as a release date to give me time to produce the audio.  This will take about a month, but I’ve already got the narrator lined up.

A couple people have now read the second book and they didn’t hate it.  I take this as a good sign…

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  • Sam

    Faster man, faster!

    • Travis Bagwell

      I’m trying! Still gotta balance my day job and eating/sleeping lol.

      • Zack Hooper

        No! no sleep for you! Lol but seriously it would be great if you realeased it ahead of schedule and made my month. Need more good stuff to read.

  • Devon

    You must be feeling SO much pressure right now…. BUT PLEASE hurry up because I’ve been looking forward to the second book ever since you announced there being a second book! I’m just letting you know also…. but you have 523 reviews on amazon and I don’t know if you remembered but you (Travis bagwell) said you would release the first 5 chapters if you got 500 Reviews on amazon… so I’m waiting very patiently(impatiently) for that to come. Thank you for listening to my rant and I will cheer you on all the way Mr.Bagwell!

  • Josh

    Eh, I can wait a bit if book 2 is anywhere near as good as book 1. As long as you don’t pull a Rothfuss or Martin on us, I hope you take the time to make it right and don’t get burned out.

    • Travis Bagwell

      Haha. No pressure or anything… It should be up for preorder within the next week. Thinking March 31st tentatively as a release date.

  • Miles Davy

    I genuinely enjoyed the first book and would like to congratulate you on one of the best LitRPG debuts i have read. I am very stoked for the release of the second story and am glad to hear that we don’t have too much longer to wait.

  • Crystal Lewis

    I loved the first book so much!!!! Was so disappointed when a second book wasnt ready to read 🙁 Anyway you are an AMAZING author, keep up the EPIC work. I cannot wait to find out what Alfred is going to say to Jason!!!! Hope for the new book soon!

  • Shaun Hooper

    Just finished the first book. AMAZING! There is a reason you have no 3 star and below reviews on amazon. I cant wait till you publish the next book. If you need help editing I don’t mind looking at an advance copy and telling you what I see. Honestly I am dyslexic (had to get auto correct to spell that and half of my comments) and probably would point out more non mistakes than real mistakes but hey I willing to do my part. 🙂


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