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The title says it all — AO: Ember is live. Here’s a link!

The print should be up in a few days and the audio is already in production. We’re aiming for November 8-9th for the audiobook preorder and late November for the full release. These are just targets and I should have more firm dates soon.

I hope you all enjoy the book and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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  • Seth

    I been reading your series from the beginning and have loved it. I also have an idea for the earth affinity. You can make them like Jason where he uses summoned minions but his would be depended on the materials they use. Such as the different between sandstone and granite. One would make the construct easier to move but very brittle, sandstone. While the other would make the other harder and stronger but slower, granite. It just an idea and also sense your also having different cultures as a theme for the element, Rome for Light, Persian for Fire, etc. You could you Japan/Chinese for the earth element. They both have strong themes of peace in their cultures and myths. Just thought of passing the ideas on.

  • Torva Messor

    This is unrelated to the book itself but I want to know what Mr. Bagwell thinks.

    Saying AO was to be picked up as a Netflix series or any other stream service. Who could you see playing everyone?

  • Alex Hughes

    Hi Travis. I’m intrigued by this audio book pre-order. I would love to get a copy that soon, but I can’t find anything on Audible or Amazon. Is this because I’m looking in the wrong place, or is this a UK based issue?

    • Travis Bagwell

      The pre-order hasn’t gone live yet. Probably around the 7-8th. I’ll make a separate post so you don’t miss it!

  • Joe Vang

    Whoa, Tarot Book 1! So is this a new series in the AOVerse? Cool beans!

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