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And you can get it here!

I can’t wait to here what you all think! Also, please, please, please leave a review. Those little stars are the lifeblood of an indie author!

In terms of logistics, the audio is already in production. It should drop in late May or early June. Print should be up in a week or so.

And… that’s all for now. Happy reading!

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  • Jon

    I quit amazon. Can I get it on nook or anywhere else?

    • Jon

      Any word on non amazon readers? Patreon maybe?

      • Travis Bagwell

        Not sure I understand. Are you asking when the books will be available outside of Amazon?

        If so, then probably never. I have an exclusivity agreement with Amazon and they’re basically the only show in town for an indie author.

        But I suppose you could read early chapters on my Patreon if you prefer. They just won’t be edited.

        • Jon

          Yep, was hoping for another platform as I don’t want to give amazon any more money. No worries though. I’ll catch up when they return to being a better company.

  • chris chase

    I ordered it Yay can’t wait too see the reaction everyone has too both Franks New look & Girlfriend lol 😉

    Also was reading your List of Thank you’s And was wondering who (“Whistleknot”) is???
    P.S: Love the Nickname :p

  • Douglas Ally

    Glad I stopped by today! Just bought the Kindle edition and am looking forward to buying the release on Audible. Thanks Travis. Will leave a review when finished.

  • Fred Wagner

    Excited for the Audible release. Now only about a month away from its release. I’m terrible about leaving reviews on Amazon. If I leave a review it seems to be on Goodreads. Probably good to get the stars on there to help counteract the expected mediocre or worse reviews, especially with regards to reviews by people trying to be amongst the first couple/few for whatever recognition these people feel a need to have. They leave a review, even prior to ARC’s or having read ANY portion of it. They appear to be wannabe literary critics, and also a need for self-importance. Total narcissistic behavior. Because of this I avoid reading these reviews as inevitably a portion of my thoughts will be hijacked by the negativity (and as a PTSD-ridden empath negativity is FAR easier for me to grasp than anything positive…. thanks parents and “Society” in general).

    Travis was quickly amongst my favorite authors once in my further adult life (40’s… my 50th year arrives this 8/31/2021) when I found that my focus issues (a form of ADD) which negated visual reading (HC, PB, Kindle) retention, now somehow allowed for audio reading and retention. David Stifel does a wonderful job of narrating these books by Travis.

    Well, still as an empath I always wonder just how personally/emotionally/socially defined the characters and their interactions purvey Travis’ own SELF… his own life experience. Who he WAS. Who he IS. Who he WOULD LIKE TO BE.

    Thank you for the Awaken Online series, Travis!! And thanks too to David Stifel for his narration, and to Travis for somehow ensuring that David is retained as the narrator. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Namastè …… )O(


  • Britney L Bennett

    Thank you so much for making audio books as well!!! My dyslexia thanks you. I’m super excited for this so I bought the Kindle version as well to get started.

  • Chris Chase

    Ok read the Book, let me just say WOW just WOW Thank you vary much Loved the Ending with the Shrink and his Clipboard lol.

    is their any chance Please with Dark Chocolate on top, for a known world map of the area’s already known by the main character’s as well as their territory’s…
    as in were is the Twilight Thrown and its territory’s/ Chrystal Reach/ Sandscrit including the void/ Haven/ Waters Edge & the Floating city..

    Giving Candy for Bribery is a Gamer Tradition lol :p

    • Travis Bagwell

      Bunch of guys in the Discord have made a pretty accurate fan map if you want to check it out.

      • Chris Chase

        Umm, Discord?
        Could you post a link?

  • Ryan

    When will it be put on audible?

    • Travis Bagwell

      July 1st. Preorder should be live now.

    • Richard Ostrowski

      Shoukd i read the Tarrot books before Helton. I’m just finishing Unity, and I’m not sure what to read next. I understand the 3 Tarrot books are totally different characters, but I often feel its best to read in publication order when possible.

  • Torin

    Spectacular! I read Inferno and Hellion back to back ive been trapped in your world for a few days, only now coming up for air! I loved everything about the book, the detailed way Jason and all the other amazing characters saw the world. The fears, the hopes all of it. Favorite series hands down! And I have read alot of books. Continue this journey! I cant wait to find out what happens next.

    Whens a rough estimate on the air avatar book!? I feel like Silver, hungry for the next meal but only damn fire ants around to eat! Haha.
    Also thank you for temporarily putting Gloria in here place

    • Travis Bagwell

      Glad you enjoyed the books!

      I don’t have a good eta on the Air book yet. Maybe a few months at the rate I’m going. I’ll almost certainly publish it this year unless something weird happens.

  • Mason SCHMIDT

    Love the series, any idea when the audible will be released?

    • Travis Bagwell

      Just about to make a post! Preorder went live today — release July 1st!

  • Matthias

    Hi Travis,

    Just got around to reading Hellion – and once again I’m very happy with what I got.

    What I enjoyed:
    – action-packed, couldn’t put it down type of novel
    – once again, the way Jason deals with a seemingly impossible situation – with the perfect setup from the last novel (touché)
    – character interactions like Jason-Finn, the huge number of fights between characters we know the powers of (Eliza’s plants Kyyle, Julia Frank, etc.)
    – tactical maneuvering between the opposing parties
    – the CPSC-investigation was golden – especially when Westley just looses his shit 😛
    – the dynamic at the end fighting Alexion

    Some smaller issues that’d have made it even better:
    – several deus ex machina just come out of nowhere – like Jason’s new powers and “siege mode”. It didn’t take me out of the story too much, but I would have expected a better set-up for them apart from some hints of Keeper training in the beginning of the book
    – I expected some more information about the situation with the gods and the gate pieces, but without knowing it it’s of course hard to judge if that’d work at this stage

    I left a 5-star review on Amazon. And now take a break bro, the pace you’re churning out these novels is staggering 🙂
    Looking forward to the next one though 😛

  • Barb

    When will the next book be released?

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