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The title says it all. Inferno is now live. And here’s a handy link.

I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this arc and please don’t forget to leave a review! Those little gold stars mean a lot for an indie author.

The print should be up in a couple days (waiting on Amazon). Audio should be out in mid-December — with a preorder link up here shortly (waiting on Audible). Everything seems to be moving slower this year!

And in terms of next steps, Jason’s book five is up next! I’m hoping to have that out early next year — barring yet another natural disaster lol.

That’s all for now! Happy reading and stay safe/healthy out there!

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  • Amber

    Part of me is sad to see Finn’s story end but also I’m dying to see what is next for Jason, Riley and most of all Frank following Unity.

    • JM

      Where did you hear it was over? Did I miss something?

  • Kevin Maschke

    Started it yesterday!
    Started reading your books in March and have read through all of them up to this one. Loving the series man!
    Also started writing an article / review of the saga and individual books on my blog. Will take a little bit, but planning on one main article, and one review per book basically. Will be in Spanish, English and German. Hope people see it and get to know you and your books. Absolutely love them! (apart from Apathy, for some reason I can´t make myself like Eliza or The Hippie)

  • Michael Martin

    Super excited for this book and all those to come! The world you’ve built and the characters are awesome! Please keep it up!

  • Michael Gilliam

    I told Travis inferno is one of if not the best written installment of a series I’ve read to date.

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