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First off, I’m currently working on ‘Hellion,’ Jason’s fifth book. I’m at about ~55K or 16 chapters after October (more than 25%).

Second, the first chapter of Hellion is now live on my Patreon! I’ll be posting weekly posting for a week or two, then back to twice-weekly posting before the end of November.

And finally, my print inventory for Inferno finally arrived and I got all of the signed stuff shipped out yesterday. So expect to see your order arrive within the next week or so.

That’s all for now! I’m going to get my butt back to work… and maybe try not to endlessly refresh the U.S. election results…

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  • Blake

    Man I cannot tell you how much excitement I have for this next book release! Keep up the good work Man.

  • Ryan CC

    So just want to say that I finally finished flame and cant wait for inferno but i will always love jason

    May the darkness claim you.

  • Ken Tola

    Your world is incredibly complex and I love all of the various stories. I actually started with the Finn arc and then discovered Jason – fascinating way to go through your books out of turn. Amazing job on the characters, plot lines and real vs. virtual world arcs…though I wonder if you perhaps built yourself an Alfred and I am really emailing him…

    • Landon

      I actually never thought of doing that! I wonder how you experience the story if you begin with Finn’s perspective first?

  • Jeffrey Alan Moshe

    Excited to check out your artistry. I emailed you. Keep creating.

  • Brad

    I hope that there is a series on the earth Avatar. It would be a heck of a read. Based on the First book it would be about being both zen and strength. Someone strong, but clear headed. The desires to striving for those powers due to numbers of RL events that lead to the Earth god to choose them. Would be a hell of a story and there isn’t much Earth Mage content out in the RPGLIT world. I hope you capitalize on that, it would be the book the world didn’t know it needed.

  • Cliff Cagle

    Just finished the Finn trilogy and am eagerly awaiting Hellion! Write faster! 😉

    • Travis Bagwell

      Haha, I’m trying. Shouldn’t be too much longer. Thinking of putting up a preorder here in March.

    • Landon

      Dude he’s writing like 500-700 page books every 3 months c’mon that’s way much more than most writers accomplish. Not to mention that they’re all actually really good and fleshed out and surprisingly doesn’t feel rushed!

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